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Take a look at just some of the companies we work with, the projects we have worked on and our customers feedback.


Verelogic IT Solutions

Verelogic implements SharePoint applications improving NHS Trust efficiency

We work with NHS Trusts to help them improve efficiency and effectiveness. One area we have recently focused on relates to active patient lists.

Our team of experts used current data feeds from the nursing system and the Trust PAS system to develop new Sharepoint systems, which allow a broad range of trust staff to view patient status on wards.

With the benefit of the new software, ward staff are able to update the patient record with information that is not available on any other system (e.g. occupational health and physiotherapy status etc.)

This information is beneficial to Trust Partners (Social services) and other departments (e.g. Travel Booking office) as it allows them see the bigger picture, and they are now able to use this data to estimate more accurately the future workloads in their department.

The system uses XSLT to provide a CSS configured bed view. The bed view mimics the exact layout of the ward and patients appear in the correct "bed". The colour of the bed indicates the medical status of the patient.

Comprehensive use of the SharePoint API was used to import the source data. The import process used SSIS jobs and other background services to provide the data feeds to this system.

We are also working with the NHS on other projects using the Sharepoint including:

  • Training scheduling
  • User profile management (with integration to Active Directory)
  • Development project team projects and tasks
  • Bug tracking (on in-house bespoke development projects)


Verelogic IT Solutions


SharePoint application development aids compliance in Insurance Services

Verelogic have recently worked with a large Insurance Services organisation who wanted to implement a system that would ensure that their customer complaints handling is consistently compliant with Financial Services Authority guidelines.

We created a customer complaints tracking system which allows operators to log customer complaints and generate response letters, incorporating SharePoint complaint information.

Our team of experts produced a Sharepoint application, which provided the following features:

  • Easy logging of complaint whether received by phone, email or letter

  • Emailing the person responsible for handling and resolving the complaint upon entry

  • Escalating follow up emails based on customisable number of days and levels until a complaint is resolved

  • User customisable required fields and validation based on the status of a complaint

  • Detailed categorisation for reporting

  • Detailed statistics reporting on the time a complaint is open

  • Web service calls to iSeries database to validate complainant’s details based on policy number, quote number or customer number

  • Customised letters based on pre-defined templates, which are then stored in the complaint record

  • Daily upload of new or updated complaints to a central iSeries database


Verelogic IT SolutionsVerelogic IT Solutions is very proud to work with South West Trains.
Here's what they say about us:
"We have been using for Verelogic for a number of years now and I have only ever received high quality support and deliverables.  We use Verelogic for bespoke application customisation and general software support.  I would recommend to businesses of all sizes" 

Verelogic IT Solutions


Verelogic worked with CfBT (Confederation for British Teachers) to create a paperless system to monitor and record the progress of vulnerable children through their education. The original system was all paper based with lots of forms and administration that had to be completed. Verelogic using IBM Domino development fully automated this process which freed up the users to spend less time on the administration side and more on helping the children.

Customer testimonial from CfBT

"I'd like to say how impressed we've been with the delivery and prompt and communicative actions from Verelogic on this project. We've frankly been bowled over by the system and know it will help us deliver much better education to often under privileged kids."

Alan Parker IT Governance Manager at CfBT

Improving Communications

Verelogic IT Solutions


Verelogic worked with Halfords to implement and roll-out their Stores Email project. Halfords stores 

throughout the country have never had email connectivity with Head Office and as such communication with Store and Area Managers could be slow and vital documentation was often delayed. Verelogic consultants worked with the Halfords IT team providing consultation, design and technical support to implement a new email system for all of their stores. This now enables Halfords Head Office staff to communicate often confidential and timely documents direct to their Stores and their Managers.

Verelogic IT Solutions





Our team experts at Verelogic designed and implemented a Lotus Notes/Domino web application called JCI Electronic Workflow Application (EWA) to manage workflow for purchase orders.  The application used globalisation to allow multiple instances to be rolled out in many countries.  It also leveraged web 2 functionality to provide rich web functionality for improved end user experience.

We also worked with Johnson Controls to design, develop and implement of a third party CRM system written in Microsoft with an Oracle database.  The system utilizes web services as the interface for Business to Business users to operate key functions.  Businesses that use the system can in turn incorporate the application interface into their own systems.  For Johnson Controls message broker architecture was used to facilitate the data transactions over their complex infrastructure.

Johnson Controls Testimonial

"In the UK we have engaged with Verelogic on a number of key software projects; during this time we have built a good relationship and level understanding from both sides. Verelogic have demonstrated they understand our expectations and have been able to support our activities to help us deliver timely and versatile solutions"

- Darcy Murkett, Johnson Controls Global Workplace Technologies EMEA IT Solutions Team Director



If your company is owned by a larger organisation that has an IBM Passport Agreement then we

can easily and painlessly migrate you “under their wing”

Real Life Case Study

Verelogic were working with a customer who’s annual renewal was approx. £6,000, by restructuring them onto the IBM CEO Communications user licence we were able to reduce this to approx. £4,000 per annum. Even though the  initial cost of the restructuring of the licences was £7,168 , over the course of the next 3 years the customer made a saving of £3,000. This option is best looked at when there are a minimum of 100 users within the organisation and multiple servers.

Another smaller company, Verelogic have just moved onto their new parent company’s agreement which has resulted in them being able to now obtain Band D pricing as opposed to their existing Band BL pricing – a saving of approx. 10% on any future IBM licence purchases.

IBM offers 3 basic structures of licence:

Express Model

Client/Server Model

CEO Bundle Model

By looking into your current licensing purchases Verelogic can determine what benefits you may be

able to gain by restructuring your current licensing for one of the other options


Real Life Case Study

Verelogic were working with a customer who’s annual renewal was approx. £6,000, by restructuring them onto the Lotus CEO Communications bundle we were able to reduce this to approx. £4,000 per annum. The initial cost of the restructuring of the licences was £7,168 so although this was higher in the short term they were able to achieve ROI the following year with the decreased cost.

This option is best looked at when there are a minimum of 100 users within the organisation and multiple servers.

As well as the standard 12 month renewals IBM also offer 24 and 36 month renewal periods, which can offer considerable cost savings, as you are price protecting your software by purchasing in advance and showing additional loyalty to IBM


Real Life Case Study

We spoke to one of our customers on the benefits of renewing over a 3 year period rather than the 1 they were currently doing. Their annual renewal was approx £32,000 by signing up for a 36

month renewal we were able to get them a total cost of approx. £77,000 giving a saving of approx £20,000 over the 3 years.


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